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The Loft Bureau International Realty

§ About Us

The Loft Bureau International Realty, a privately owned International Boutique Agency, has emerged in 2021 from The Loft Bureau Real Estate Qatar to serve a growing clientele with more sophisticated real estate needs.

At The Loft Bureau International Realty, we focus on global real estate opportunities in the world’s most prestigious locations – London, Paris, Berlin, Miami, New York, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more. Whether it is the acquisition of a 2nd home abroad or an investment to secure personal wealth, our clients can be sure that we have the right offer for them.

The Loft Bureau International Realty’s agents and network partners understand that certain clients prefer a discrete and private service approach from their trusted advisers. All our staff and partners within the network are deeply committed to providing our clients a first-class service with a truly global perspective.

§ Our Network

At The Loft Bureau International Realty we do not only treat our clients with the highest respect but also our employees and network partners. We are always open to discuss a new business opportunity with new companies and people who can add value to our business and clientele.

Our network is mainly driven by two kinds of network partners: On one side we have those partners who share our understanding of a luxury lifestyle and elegance but are not active in the real estate industry such as fashion brands and art magazines. On the other side we are working with developers, consultancies, and agencies worldwide that enjoy the highest reputation in their own market and wish to have international exposure.

§ Our Services

The Loft Bureau International Realty Exclusive Properties & Private Office​

We provide world-class service to our clients when it comes to the organization of all the strategic and commercial actions involved in clients’ real estate projects.

The Loft Bureau International Realty Investment

The business line consists of an interdisciplinary team of personalities from the real estate and financial sectors. We offer a professional service to experienced and institutional investors.

However, our service is also available to private investors that are preparing for their first property investment and require professional and trustworthy advice from the very beginning of their investment career.

The Loft Bureau International Realty Property Management​

The Loft Bureau International Realty Property management is the perfect solution for real estate owners who require professional support in the streamlined administration of their asset(s) whether it’s a single family apartment abroad or a pied-a-terre, a portfolio of Investment properties or a house with character.

For more information about our International Services and Property Listings please visit our international site:

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